Kim Kardashian responds to Taylor Swift on connection to the controversy with Kanye West: ‘She’s lying’; as an Advisor to the ” it stands


After Taylor Swift and you decide to speak directly about the leak, the connection is complete, in 2016, between her and Kanye West this Monday (September 23), Kim Kardashian has also felt the need to position yourself. For the social network, the entrepreneur has accused the singer of lying and said that he has never published a conversation starter.

“Taylor Swift has chosen to re-ignite an old fight, which at this point seems like a very selfish, because of the suffering of millions of actual victims are facing at the momentstarted by Kim, referring to the pandemic of the new coronavirus. “I don’t feel the need to comment on a couple of days ago, and I was so embarrassed and humiliated to be doing this right now, but as it goes on to talk about this, I feel like I have no choice but to respond to it because she is telling the truth”he said.

Then, thinking of the lawyer, mentioned, a crucial point of the argument that the use of the word ‘bitch’ in the song, which I wasn’t told of the Swift in a conversation. “To be clear, the only problem I had with this was that Taylor has been lying through his advocate that he claimed that ‘He never called to ask for permission”. They clearly talked about it, so I left it to you to see it. No one has ever denied that the word ‘bitch’ has been used with the permission of her”he said.

“By the time they got to talking, and the music had not yet been fully made up yet, but how in the world you can see in the video, she asks for the truth about the actual conversation in the press release the team, it is said that she ‘had refused, and warned us about the launch of a piece of music with a message, so misógina’. The lie was never about the word ‘bitch’. It was always to have existed a connection or not, and the tone of the conversation”, explained Kim.

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Kim accused Taylor of lying in its statement (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

The star of “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”, and in the prosecution of Taylor in it “someone else has edited, and manipulated for the writing.” I’ve never edited any of the recording (another lie) I only posted a few clips on Snapchat to prove my point, and in the full video, which was leaked recently, it does not change the story”, she assured him.

Finally, Kim spoke about the fact that the connection has been recorded without the knowledge and consent of the king. “In addition, we in the West, is an artist who has the right to record a musical journey and a process, just as it did in a recent movie”pointed out. “He has documented the process for the production of all of their albums to the archive, however, has never released any of them for public consumption, and the connection between the two, it would have continued in private, or I would have gone to waste if she had not lied, and was forced to defend you.”completed with the business.

“This will be the last time I’m going to talking to you about it, because, to be honest, no one really cares. I’m sorry to bother you all with this. I know what you’re dealing with matters of a more serious matter”.ended with the Kardashian’s.

I’ve never edited any of the recording (another lie),” Kim said. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

An hour later, his own assistant, Taylor, Tree, torres del Paine, you decided to comment on the case, to reject the arguments of the former over the statement released by her under the name of the singer at the time. “I am the advisor of the Taylor and this is my new release of the original with NO ISSUES. By the way, when you remove parts of it, it is”edit, needled.

Of the Tree, and then published in a print with the note that she sent out the press release. “He didn’t call for approval, but to ask for Taylor’s release of the single ‘Famous’ on Twitter for it. She refused, and warned us about the launch of a piece of music with a message, misógina is not strong. Taylor has never been told about his letter, ” I made that bitch famous,’”read the newsletter, which has been taken out of context by Kim.

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Last night, the voice of the “Lover” had been uttered, briefly, about the leak, asking for donations to Feeding America, a national not-for-profit that is collecting donations of money to purchase food to help those affected by the pandemic of the coronavirus.

In the stories, the profile, the star wrote: Instead of answering the question of how I feel about the audio, leaked, proving that I was telling the truth all the time about *link* (you know, the one that has been unlawfully disclosed to the public, that someone else edited, and manipulated in order for me to frame it and put me, my family and fans in this hell for 4 years)… Slide it up to see what’s really important”.

“The World Health Organization, and Feeding America are some of the organizations to which I donate. If you can, please, please, please, please join me in donating during this crisis,”she completed her second post.

The leakage of the connection

During the early morning hours of the 21st day of march, in the full video which shows a phone call, in 2016, between him and the united states, has fallen into the nets. The contact Said that he warned her about the “Famous”, a song that refers to Taylor in a sexist manner.

“I feel like me and Taylor Swift, we’re still going to have sex / Why is that? I made that bitch famoussays in the clip. When it was launched, it caused a stir among the Hollywood stars. In defense of her husband, Kim Kardashian has released a clip edited out of a conversation between the musicians, claiming that Taylor was aware of and in agreement with the content of the song.

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Kanye and Taylor had a connection with 25 minutes to come on stream in 2016 (Picture: Getty images)

As soon as He read the first verse to Taylor, she gave a shy giggle and said: “It’s not evil. It’s completely insane. The letter does not seem to be evil (…), but I have to think about it”. The rapper even invited her to share the music on social networks, but that’s not the case. “I don’t think that it would be confusing to people,”told him to name a few.

With the complete collection, it is clear that Swift really, really didn’t feel comfortable with that part in the song “desmerecia their job,” claiming that he was the one responsible for his success and fame.

“Did you do this? “Oh God, is there anything I can do about it at this point of the season… and You have to tell the story the way it happened to you, and the way that you have to experience it. Do you honestly not know who I was. It does not matter that I have already sold over 7 million albums before that”, it was observed in the speech of the “I”, referring to the fateful moment at which it was interrupted by Kanye west, on stage at the VMAS in 2009.

The entire video is proof that Taylor has made very clear their positions for the long link. Swift said of the song, that the ultimate decision belonged to him, and that the player would need to follow your instincts. It should be noted that at no point in time, He told her about his use of the word “bitch” in the song. Watch: