Kourtney Kardashian is therapy and anti-anxiety all week


Kourtney O it showed a facet of a more real and sensible in an interview with the magazine, Health, which is where one of the topics was the concern about the health, mental well-being.

The socialite, 40, revealed that for three years, done therapy, anti-anxiety. “Every week, I’m going to a double feature. I yearn for it every week or so. Having this in mind, I am able to anticipate things so that you don’t become a big problem,” he said.

Kourtney it was also the way how to deal with the situation in order to avoid that anxiety is to take care of themselves: “and When the hardest moments are happening, I think, ‘What the lesson is supposed to take away?'”

In the end, he pointed out that the practice of physical exercise, working at the church, and being with friends is also very helpful to make you feel more calm.

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