Kris Jenner says which one is his favorite daughter, which is the most intelligent, and what will be the next to have children


Photo: Reproduction / Instagram

Kris Jenner is sincere! The mother of the family Kardashian-Jenner, gave an interview with Ellen Degeneres, and revealed that the future for Kourtney Kardashian on the reality of the family, the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

Kourt revealed in November 2019, which would take away from the program to spend more and more time on the side of her three children, Mason, age nine, Penelope, seven years old, and It has four-year-old.

“It [Kourtney] you are writing this again. I think it’s needed for a long time. You know how we all made it to the point [em que precisamos de um tempo]? And she has the face of a wall. She was frustrated, she was not seen, she felt that her sisters didn’t understand their limitations. So, I think that once you get a little bit of time away from her, she saw a light. In the light of all of the Kardashians,” joked Kris during “The Ellen Show”.

For the business owner, 64-year-old said that her eldest daughter would miss participating in the appeal – in spite of all the controversies that have already happened in the course of the year.

“We really want to do with the reality, because we have the whole day together. We wouldn’t have it if you don’t gostássemos. We’re coming up on the season to 19. So, I think it’s [Kourtney] would our [caso saísse]”.

Kris also spoke out about the feud between Kim and Kourtney, who came out on the cover at the start of the 18th season of “Keeping Up”.

“I wasn’t there when they had that discussion, and I saw a fight like that since they were in high school. And it made me very sad. I told You not to fight with each other, that’s just ridiculous. Grow up!”

After that, the friend has responded to some of the questions that required them to choose only one of the children in their responses. For example: what is the favorite daughter of Kris?

“For the time being? Khloé!”, responded to the business.

After that, she said that she believes that Kourtney or Kylie will be the next to have a child. Kris even raised the possibility of the Kendall’s pregnant, because she is the only one in the clan who is not a parent. Is this the case?

In view of the advantage his daughter, the more intelligent it is, Kim. Finally, she said that in the Dream, she was the daughter of Rob Kardashian, and Blac Chyna, it is to your little one that you prefer.