Kristen Bell is the narrator of the new version of ‘Gossip girl’


Kristen Bell (Photo By Mario Anzuoni / Reuters)Kristen Bell (Photo By Mario Anzuoni / Reuters)

The voice of the landmark that told the storiesI love a nasty girl“for six seasons, will not be present in the sequence of the series, which is being produced for HBO Max. Kristen Bell is the girl from the blog,” the attraction of the original, has been confirmed as the narrator in the revival of the production, according to the “daily Variety”.


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Launched in July, this sequel to “Gossip girl” is set eight years after the end of the drama of the original. The story will follow a new generation of adolescents in the private schools of New York city, who suffer with the monitoring of the social web I love a nasty girl. The series will explore how the power of social media and the city have changed in the years following the end of the ride.

Currently, Kristen is wrapping up work on the final season of the comedyThe good place“you are part of. She also dubbed the voice of Anna in the hoped-for sequence ofState of the“from Disney, which will be released at the end of this month.

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