Kristen Bell said of her daughters, that the teeth were going to fall off if you give spoilers about ‘Frozen 2’


The disclosureKristen Bell is the mother of two daughters, and if, at the time of the split, the story of the little

The character of Anna in “Frozen“ actress Kristen Bell has had a serious talk with your children to make sure they don’t give you due to the sequence of the animation.

Excited to tell you about a new story-line for the small (6 and 4 years old, the actress from “The Good Place” didn’t realize that was breaking the non-disclosure agreement made with walt Disney, to keep water from leaking out of the body.

When he found out, he played hard with the kids: if you tell them something, all the teeth would have fallen out”. The story has been revealed by Kristen during the interview to the channel on Sirius XM.

“They were so excited that it didn’t occur to me that I would be breaking my contract. Right now, I am peaceful, because the movie came out, and I can’t be sued by Disney, even though warned that it was too important not to say anything to anyone at the school,” said Bell.

In spite of the “threat”, the actress ensured that her daughter did not take the story seriously, though the plot hasn’t been leaked by one of them.

“Frozen 2” is already in estrou in the United States and some european countries, but it only comes in the brazilian cinemas on the 2nd of January, in the year 2020. This week, Disney released the original soundtrack and in the movie.

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