Kylie Jenner, has opted not to breastfeed, Stormi, tells Khloé Kardashian Get all the details


Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian have had an important conversation about maternity leave and breast-feeding in a video for the channel, the Poosh, mark’s older sister. In a chat published in yesterday’s (4), the mother of the True According to have admitted that he had a lot of difficulties to feed her child during the first few months, and it was revealed that Kylie Jenner has chosen to use infant formula, with Stormi from the very beginning.

The star of “Revenge Body” and stated that it was the younger one who recommended a brand of formula milk when she needed to. “I don’t think that I said to Kim. I knew, too, that the Case was not going to breast-feed. This has been her choice from the beginning, and he had found his formula to HiPP in Germanyrecalled.

“So, I’ve read several reviews on it and it was amazing. In the True, had acid reflux, and there is a kind of milk with this brand, it is thicker and will help anyone who has a sensitive stomach. I have asked my doctors and they have indicated”told Khloé on your choice.

The Images explained what happened for the first month is super hard for her. In addition to be taking care of the small, alone, in the Cleveland area in the days after having been betrayed publicly by Tristan Thompson, but she also wasn’t producing enough milk.

“This is not an easy one. I ate at the one who spoke to you to eat, drank herbal teas and a specific fuel, the chest, the whole time that she was dozing off, but it will never be improved. As soon as I finished pumping she woke up and I had to feed her again and my breasts were bleeding and it was awful,”he lamented Khloé.

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She told you that it could never satisfy the hunger of her daughter, that she began to lose weight, and you have to do. It was from this point that the doctor advised her to seek a formula to feed it. “The first time I’ve had to give a formula for it, and I felt like I had failed. I felt so bad. When I went to buy it I felt as if I was trafficking the drugs, because I don’t want anyone to see her”said the business woman.

“A lot of people were saying that I was not doing the right thing, and that it wasn’t making enough of an effort, and there comes a point when you’re already awake, going crazy, and feeling very lonely, so it was kind of hard”he said.

However, Khloé revealed that as soon as he admitted in public that it was no longer able to breast feed, and felt better. “The pressure was on my shoulders lift and I have had a lot of support from mothers who have gone through the same thing. It was then that I was able to give attention to the true with my daughter.”he said.


It’s great that it all worked out and the True, grew, beautiful and super healthy mom!