Kylie Jenner make posts visual on the time in which it was dating Travis, Scott, and the fans have made it: “back Together again!”


If you like, of course, the people… it gives you a second chance at life?! At least that is what the fans of Kylie Jenner and concluded with respect to the star and her ex-boyfriend Travis, Scott, once the entrepreneur has made a series of posts, very visual.

In the early morning hours of this Saturday (march 29), the occurrence of a make-up published in the stories of three clicks of the time when I dated Travis Scott. In the photo, the two were watching the basketball game between the teams, the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder in an atmosphere of super-romance. In each and every one of your posts, she has written a word that together form a phrase “It’s in a”mood.

First of, what is the point, really she Has?! The novel? Miss? Springs in the bailão pro to the dismay of her ex? D To the well, the hint was clear: the two established the relationship. “I’m convinced that they’re back together again”said one user, on the profile of the fan on the mother-of-Stormi. “He’s coming back to the house, and the two of you are going to do with the baby’s number 2.”, dreamed high on a young person.

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram via the stories.

The fans of this couple have looked for clues in all the right places. On Thursday (the 27th), and they reported that Jenner was wearing a sneaker in the collection is designed by a rapper with a sports brand. However, the parts still hadn’t arrived at the store. Many thought that it was a present, exclusive of the Individual to the ex.

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The couple announced the end of October of last year, but has since followed that up with a harmonious relationship in favor of a daughter who has it together…. Recently, the two were given to family and friends in a lavish celebration of two years of the Stormi.

The other factor that has caused mistrust in the entire world, is the publication to have been made for Kylie Jenner. Since the end of the relationship, and the billion dollar have always been very discreet about the topic, and unlike her ex-boyfriend. In December, the fans identified themselves with a supposedly indirectly about a girl in the band “John”, from the unreleased album “Jackboys” that of the artist.

In an interview with the magazine, XXL, Monster, Scott, responded to a question about how your relationship is now with Jenner and said that he “will always love” the mother of his child. “The most difficult part of the relationship is just trying to be one with a million voices, the external interfering”, he said.