Kylie Jenner, that is recognized as a billion dollar over the young of the world for the 2nd time – 08/04/2020


Kylie Jenner has received yesterday the information from the billion dollar the most the young man of the world, and for the second time by Forbes magazine.

The survey points to the other 9 billionaires under the age of 30 years. Of these, 7 are the heirs, and the other two are is 29 years old.

Kylie has a fortune valued at$ 1 billion, and it is considered to be a billion dollar “self-made”, that is to say he built the whole of his fortune without an inheritance, in spite of being a part of the family Kardashian-Jenner, and to acknowledge that it has helped to boost their numbers.

“My parents told me that I had to earn my own money. I was on the platform, but none of my money is inherited,” he argued in an interview with the Paper.

In the past year, Kylie Jenner got into the billionaires list from the Forbes, for the first time, and it hit the mark for the youngest person in the history to reach the milestone of$ 1 billion in revenues, surpassing the Mark Zuckerberg — who has reached the first billion, the age of 23.

Kylie’s Crafts

According to Forbes magazine, she began a cosmetics brand in 2014 by turning your followers into customers. Has used a US$ 250 billion for the start of the lipsticks from the company, which were sold out within the first minute of the sale.

In November of last year, Has sold a 51% interest in the company to the giant Responsible for the US$ 600 million.

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