Lady Gaga cuts to the interview live, and it constrains the presenter, see


The people are isolated at home due to the coronavirus, a lot of celebrities are being interviewed by, of lives over the internet.

However, one of those lives, and ended up causing a big embarrassment to your host.

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Since the beginning of the coronavirus, Jimmy Fallon, has featured on the Tonight Show directly to your house, and visiting with your guests by the built-in Facetime.

One of the guests on the programme was the pop star Lady Gaga, but that interview was kind of unexpected.

In the video, He says: “Hi! Lady Gaga!” and the phone shows it to the camera. The singer says “Hi”, but the tone is very strange in his voice.

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Jimmy asks the question: “do you have a big announcement, maybe, that you’re going to say on our program?”, and then things get weird.

“I can’t, Jimmy. I can’t really talk right now. I’m so sorry. It’s just a very, very strange,” she said. “Hello? Jimmy, I don’t get to see you,” and he asked, “Am I on TV?”.

“Yes, yes, you’re on TV.” I’m so sorry,” said the presenter. Then, her cell phone begins to ring, and asking her to “call her back in a minute, if you please,” while Jimmy asks again, what was your big news.

“There’s something really great that you are working on, that’s going to help people now,” says Jimmy.

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“I can’t… can’t tell you everything right now, because I’m still settling the details, and I have a lot of links to answers.

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She can be heard talking to his assistants, asking whether Friday would be better, and saying to Jimmy: “I can’t be on Friday”. And he almost had to agree, even though it seems messed up.

Then, He cuts the video to the point that she cancelled the interview on Friday, and he said that he could not talk to him until Monday.

Lady Gaga is currently working on releasing the new album, Chromatica, which has no release date.