“Last Christmas” by: Emilia Clarke serves up wrapping them for Christmas that they want to “steal” your heart


Already, Henry Golding is a Tone, and an unexpected good samaritan, with an aura of cheerful and sharp-witted, full of stunts and unusual materials in the middle of the street, with a nice “you Just have to look you up.” Simple and convenient, it tends to occur during the aflitivos her, to show her the beauty and innocence of a London winter, and, consequently, of its people who are less fortunate. As Kate deals with her things, the family’s rambling, and the place in the world, and Tom seems to be too perfect to be true.

In the dialogues, rhythmic, ingenious, linguarejar “trash,” and in a blink of an eye, the hit series “Fleabag”, on this argument, a will to breathe, for there is in the culture of sweet of the Christmas season, such as a ball, to spruce up shattered on the floor.

The social commentary is there, it is for the solitude and the walk to and fro for a few, or by the operation of the lines of the narrative, as the author reflected in the Brexit, and mental health. Only the lack of “Last Christmas” is a good gift because it is lost in the absence of a rationale and some how foolish of you to the relationship between Tom and Kate. Wanting to be a magician, you lose acutilância.

Even so, you have a surprise in the stocking: the presentation of ” Emilia Clarke, who brings to the big screen, in the “persona” now it is known from the interviews, where, why, for example, the sarcasm and sharp tongue.

The second half of it trying to pull out of the clichés, all to be part of the miracle that is Christmas, this is a film to be replayed over and over on tv, glass of Baileys in his hand. But as soon as you anticipate the big reveal of the story, the temptation will be to change the channel.

“The Last Christmas”: in theaters on December 5th.

Review: Daniel Alfred