Leonardo DiCaprio has put a fire in a stunt on the set of once upon a time in the… to Hollywood – Welcome to the cinema


DiCaprio and his passion for the fire.

Soldiers, nazis, and a member of the Manson family, to the Amazon rain Forest… all of these things mentioned have in common is the fact that it had been burned by the actor Leonardo DiCaprio, but not in the real world. However, in spite of this, the sun has come to actually set fire to some of the stunt doubles on the set of once upon A Time In the… in Hollywood, in a story somewhat peculiar.

During an interview with Variety magazine, Sam was asked about how hard it is to control the fire during some of the scenes in which his character in the film, handled with a flame thrower:

“The first time I used it and it was very difficult for them because they have created a kind of channel, to set the best parts I-iii, which was in the city, and all of them showed up. I actually had to put a fire under all of them with a flame thrower is real. I felt bad for them, but soon it was time for them to feel bad for me, because the heat was coming directly at my face,” he said.

The result of the image of Leonardo DiCaprio's flamethrowers.

“I laughed when I saw that on the sheet named, said: ‘the test of the flame of the LDCS.’ I thought to myself, ‘Oh, this is going to be awful’,” he added, a companion to the set of star Brad Pitt.

Most recently, DiCaprio has turned the subject when he was accused by the president of Jair, jair bolsonaro afford to pay for to put fire on the Amazon, and has been to social media to prove their innocence in the case. At that time, Jesus said bluntly: “When I told you that there is a suspicion of the Ngo’s, the media has done to me? Now, Leonardo DiCaprio is such a great guy, isn’t it? Giving money for a hit of fire in the Amazon”.

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