Lucy in the Sky: the expectation for the movie by Noah Hawley


It debuted this week in the United States Lucy in the Skynew film with Natalie Portman, and Jon Hamm, who is the first feature film directed by Noah Hawley, the creator of the TV series Fargo and Legion of. Unfortunately, the film has been fired on the part of the critic, but even so, I’m still very much wanting to watch it, because, in addition to the worship of all the actors involved in the project, and this is the first film from Noah Hawley, who starred with his TV work, especially in this series Fargo.

Natalie Portman in a scene from Lucy In The Sky

The film tells the story of Lucy’s Cola, an astronaut returning from a mission in orbit, is unable to see the grace in their daily lives, with her husband, and ends up getting involved with another astronaut (the character Jon Hamm), and when he ends the affair between the two, just missing out on the reason why and decides to work things out on their own.

In an interview at the world premiere of the film in Los Angeles, california, and Hawley said that Lisa Nowak had already been punished enough by NASA to miss the one that I liked the most, the ability to carry out missions in space, so we didn’t see the need to punish you again, and to reflect in a negative manner in the movie.

Zazie Beetz and Natalie Portman in a scene from Lucy In The Sky

The film is slightly inspired by the story of Lisa Nowak, who drove from Houston to Orlando in 2007, bringing with her rubber gloves, a wig, an air rifle, a spray of chili pepper, and legend has it that it would be used for diaper rash (for NASA, not the elderly), during all the way through, without stopping anywhere else. When you arrive at the airport in Orlando, she tried to avoid the emission of a new lover, the astronaut with whom she had been having an affair, but your plan is crazy-fortunately, it didn’t work.

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In the film, the character of Mark Goodwin’s (Jon Hamm) gets involved with Erin Eccles, a new girl, lived through the great Zazie Beetz for Deadpool 2. For those who don’t know the true story of an ex-astronaut, including the details of the trip to the car for 1500 miles without a break to go to the bathroom (whether with or without diapers), I highly recommend you read this post in the Cardoso’s administration. The former astronaut, has categorically denied the details of the napkins, as I mentioned in my post about the first trailer for the film.

In an interview with the la Times, Natalie Portman has defended Lisa Nowak and her character: “this is a detail that is so interesting, because it seemed so strange to all of us who were listening to him, but the truth is, it is a part of the life of an astronaut. They have to use diapers all the time, because that’s what you do in the space. It is not as if it’s a choice that is not normal. It seems much more crazy if it’s not something you do every day.” It has also come in to play, telling you that you can still use it with a baby in a movie in the future, “but I think we’ll have a movie baby in the near future to meet the expectations of all of you.”

Natalie Portman and Jon Hamm in a scene from Lucy In The Sky

In a conversation in a movie with the Build, Natalie Portman, Jon Hamm and Noah Hawley spoke about Lucy in the Sky. B) do you think that the theme of the film is the transformation of its main character, who, according to him, ending the game in a much better position than it is at the height of his madness. The film would also be about a transformation in people after they experience off the Ground.

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The point of view of the movie is, of course, it was not meant to demonize, Lisa Nowak, and instead, to absolve her of guilt, and, in the same interview, Hawley, explains its purpose, while the B and Portman have talked about the difference in the treatment given to a woman and a man in the same situation.

Going back to the Lucy in the Skythe reason is that it encourages me to see this film is that it is a project by Noah Hawley. As I said at the beginning of the post, he is responsible for one of my favorite series of the moment Fargoin addition to doing a good job The legion. Prior to that, he was writing scripts for such series as Bonesin which you signed up for 43 episodes.

After that, he’s met with Kevin Feige have been lots of rumors that Hawley would lead to the following Doctor Strange: The Reign of the Madness (phase 4 of the MCU), but that’s just not true, and the movie will be for the account of Scott Derrickson, who is a so excited with the challenge ahead. There is no reason why Noah Hawley, to be cast in another movie, as the experience with the super-heroes, he’s got plenty of The legion.

I see Natalie Portman in the latest trailer for the Lucy in the Skyit is, just click below.

In the past few days, the Fox, the Spotlight has posted a few teasers Lucy in The Skythat I’m going to put on so you can see it below.

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The first teaser shows a scene between the characters of Natalie Portman and Jon Hamm, who is also featured in the trailer.

The second teaser is a scene in which the character of Natalie Portman’s account than you are feeling awkward after you came back from space, in a conversation with friends of the astronauts, including the character of Tig Notaro (Star Trek: Discovery)