Maisie Williams reveals that it was not an easy one to dress up as “Arya” to the brew


The actress also talked about how the experience has impacted your style.

Have you ever stopped to think about what it was like for Maisie Williams to interpret Arya Stark on the Game of Thrones in the course of eight years, and mature in front of the camera? The actress has begun to breathe life into the character, to the age of 14, and finished the last season of the show with 22. In an interview with the magazine She in north america, and the star talked about in your experience, and even how it has impacted your style..

Maisie Williams has revealed how he was maturing in front of the camera, and how it has influenced your style.

Maisie Williams has revealed how he was maturing in front of the camera, and how it has influenced your style. (Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images)

“For a few seasons in the middle, I think between the second and the third my body began to mature and I started to become a woman. But She was still trying to disguise yourself as a boy. I had the hair very short, and the crew often, I was covered with dirt and sombreava on my nose, so that he’d look really big and masculine. They will also put a banner over my breasts in order to flatten any growth that had started,” he said.

The actress revealed that it was a bit tricky to dress in such a way as matured. “I don’t know, but I feel bad for the next six months, up to a half-ashamed of you for a while“. And then, Maisie said, “So, now, in this new stage of my style, it’s nice to look a little more feminine, to have a belt of truth and the to be able to accept the body I’m in“.

Maisie has taken advantage of the end of the saga to play with your style and look. She has painted all the wires in the rose, he was shorter, and it also walks focusing on different parts-and fashion-conscious shoppers. The actress and her boyfriend, a businessman Reuben Selbyare loving the combine productions so.

The couple has been ~are developing a website to one of the shows of the Fashion week in Parisan event in which She has accompanied the actor and he made this interview with you. But there was just this one time. Both of you have already had been co-ordinated to one of the parties of the marriage Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas. In a chat with the magazine, the star talked about it. “we like to match your clothes, as a couple, 70 years of age“. Lol!

The actress also revealed that black dress with the crystals that she wore for the Emmy award-2019 it was created by her boyfriend, in partnership with the brand JW Anderson. Cute, isn’t he?

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