Manic: on the potential of the voice

Halsey, released on Friday, the 17th of January, and the third party, and is a more intimate album Manic. In the new project, the artist seeks to depart from the Pop in the conventional to embrace the aspects connected to the Hip-Hop, The Pop-Rock Band, R&B and The Country.

The singer states that captures the attention of everyone by his vocals, which are distinguishable from the rest. Manic it is not the exception, and, in a tone of bold, which has in the modern society, mainly deals in the real world, and the struggle for a place in it, and the insecurities.


There is also the mature voice of the artist, from the moment you hear the first track on the album. The build is the owner of the lyrics and honest in Halsey puts it, the reality is in each and every part is not covered, only the relationship failed, but the problems of their own and many people have to face.

Six of the tracks from the project have already been released. “With Me” for example, was launched in the year 2018 and it has reached the top of Billboard’s Hot 100, which made this one of the albums more highly anticipated by the critics.

He” it’s not the real name of Halsey, and the title track that opens the album. It is emphasized throughout the work-around to the voice of the artist. In the foreground, gagged, or in a nostalgic tone, and the vocals, enhancing the the subject. Oddly enough, it ends with a quote from The movie The awakening of the Mind.

The following “if”Clementine” the name of a character in the film mentioned above, and because of this, it is easy to relate to the previous song. Full of the idea of conflict in the artistic life of the singer.

The Graveyard” launched last year, has a section on Electro. Lyrically, it brings out the intensity in relation to love, such asMore”. The latter shows that, once again, the voice of the artist. Also, about the relationships we have with the band “You Should Be Sad”. It opens with the strings, and they will get away with their harmonies and vocals, and the emergence of a more Email.

Here”, the fifth track on the album, like the album because of the melancholy it is linked by a grand piano. Now “Finally” it’s kind of a ballad, and one of the tracks of the most beautiful on the album, in that it reveals the potential power of the voice of the Halsey through the sweetness of the melody.

Completely different from the rest of the tracks, “3am” and – “You Boys” bringing this program into sharper focus. “I Hate Everybody” this is followed by the revolt of the words. There’s a lot of artificiality in and around the voice, and the simplicity is the key.

The Manic three collaborations that otherwise would be unlikely, but that they work very well. In the “it SUCKS”, the Hip-Hop the membership of the BTS is in contrast with the melancholic tone of the voice, for Halsey, who turns out to excel. “Dominic’s” with Dominic’s Festival, is the subject of the shortest on the album, and the ““For the record’” (Alanis Morissette) reminds us of the A Pop Later..

In the end, “Still Learning” and – “929” they are the golden key of the new record. The lyrics, both of which carry an element is more personal. The voice of the artist, the harmonies, the lyrics, the production, the sound and the rhythm are the key ingredients in the entire production.

Halsey is considered to be one of the artists strongest point, with the expectation of a lot of success ahead of him. In Manic it shows that the most important part of the song is to tell you the truth…. Above all, it is an album in which he lives, by the power that is given to you with the voice of the artist.

It is a balanced, fairly close-knit, and able to engage. A proposal for a different and more mature, that is, of course, the proof of the brilliance of the artist’s work.