Margot Robbie is a sad confirmation of the new movie the Shaggy


When a Squad on a Suicide debut in rio in 2016, in spite of all the criticism of the media coverage, the success of the long-spurred Warner home video is planning a new movie, involving a harley quinn than Margot Robbie, and a little of the universe or anything like that.

However, as time went on, the failure of a long-started to get a little more wide open, and the studios began to realize that it’s a movie character, could not give such a right.

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This is the point-of-view, was even more accomplished in the past year, with the release of Wild card, starring Joaquin Phoenix in the role of the character, showing that the film didn’t seem much more interested in the villain of the universe or anything.

Harley quinn is back in the Bird-of-Prey, but it seems that Leto has actually been left completely aside by the studio.

According to the website of the Looper, Margot Robbie has confirmed in a recent interview that, with the Birds of Prey deal with the separation, and the emancipation of the character relative to the Character, the character does not really have any involvement in the plot.

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Birds of Prey: harley quinn and the Emancipation Fantabulosa hit theaters on February 6th.