Marina Ruy Barbosa, the recalls date with Jennifer Aniston, and reveals the backstage of the festival’s post-Oscars: “people enjoy the ‘real’; watch this!


The gathering of the stars! Marina Ruy Barbosa has participated in the today (the 26th) for a live, Fábio Porchat, and he recalled a moment in his life: his encounter with Jennifer Aniston. The actress has given us all the details of the occasion, which was held at the party’s post-Oscars this year, just like us, she didn’t know how to react…

“I was in Los Angeles, I was at a party post-Oscars, and I had just finished watching ‘The Morning Show’ on the day before. I’ve never seen Jennifer Aniston’s very close in my life, and while in there I realized I was the guy with her.”told the Marina. “I looked at her, I smiled at her and she smiled back. And that’s it. Life went”she remembered. We don’t judge! Lol, take a Look:

At that time, she has experienced the other side of the fame, and felt on the skin as it is to be in the tiete. “You know, when you think you know the person? So it was that I felt like I was”said about the encounter with Aniston. At the time, I thought to myself, so that’s how people feel when the see me and come and talk to me”he said.

Marina Ruy Barbosa has felt what it means to be a fan and have gotten to know the person when you meet up with Jenn Aniston (Photo: Getty images)

The undying Ember of the “All Others” are also met Vanessa Hudgens, and even struck up a conversation with Gabriela from High School Musical. “I spoke very quickly with the Vanessa Hudgens of ‘High School Musical’ – what was the object of my childhood that I. I had a business to take a photo of a booth that you go in and it takes pictures at the party itself. She was standing in line, I stood behind her and to the people he was talking to”told the Marina.

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“Vanessa Hudgens to hit up a conversation with Marina Ruy Barbosa! They could have changed the zap, is it? Want (Picture: Getty Images)

And at the party in Hollywood was a good one, you know? “I didn’t have rissole, but I had a mini-pizza. I had a business of vodka, champagne”said Marina. “It’s nice, it’s fancy, but the people are fun in real. J-Lo was there, and Kim Kardashian. And you can’t do this, the overwhelmed, she had to act normal. Brad Pitt was there, Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooperrecalled. Watch:

A very fine, wasn’t it? All right, next we have accepted the invitation! Lol