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April is coming to an end, and what does that mean? The premieres in the Netflix! In may, we arrive at the streaming options on bapho for us to maratonar throughout the years. The ” hot of the month is the premiere of the Hollywoodcreated by Ryan Murphyof American Horror Story. This is the story of a group of actors and directors who dream of success in Hollywood to the post-war period

And it also has a movie, right? Our goal is to You Have No Idea. In the story, She is on a mission to help Paul to win the most popular girl in school but ends up falling in love with her.

The lsusports he separated out some of the newcomers are the coolest – check it out!

the series


Created by Ryan Murphy, and Ian Brennan, this series follows a group of actors and directors who dream of success in Hollywood to the post-war period. No matter what the cost.

BILLIONS 5th SEASON (4 or 5)

One the one hand, an agent of the federal rule. On the other, of course, and the mage in the financial markets. In the game, even billions of dollars.

THE EDDY (8/5)

In a lively district of Paris, is the owner of a jazz club, deals with the day-to-day business, and the dangers of the city. The show is directed by Oscar-winner Damien Chazelle, the La-La Land.

HIS 5th this SEASON (13/5)

The heroes and the villains to fight for their lives, and Bruce Wayne is the closest to your destination, on the season finale of Gotham.

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With the sudden death of her brother, and Zoe leaves for the quiet life in Manchester and will travel to the island of Ibiza in search of the truth.

THE 3rd SEASON (25/5)

In the third season, this re-interpretation of the famous novel in american in the 1980’s wide-open contests for power between two of the richest families in the united states.



Sentenced to life in prison, a young girl reflects on the people, the environment and the system, which led him to the path of crime.


Shy and studious, She was hired by a sweet, athletic, and a little pleading to Paul, with a mission to help you win over a girl, which is very popular in the school. But in the new one, and an unlikely friendship between the two is further complicated when She learns to feel attracted to the same girl.


Tim, do you think they invited you to the girl of your dreams for a stint on the big island of Hawaii. The problem with this is that, by mistake, called the the girl is in the wrong.


On the verge of separation, the couple is suspected of the murder. It’s better for them to go on to find the real culprit and the case of the prosecution.


Taken by jealousy, is a mother, has a dangerous plan to ruin the new relationship of an ex-husband. With Katherine Heigl.

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