Motion #guillotine2020 that condemns ostentation of a celebrity in the time of a pandemic, gaining strength in social networks


Max, the 12 year-old son of Jennifer Lopez in the video for the Instagram content over to a scooter for a lawn verdíssimo with a tray in his hand. Until he has to serve a tin can of water, Perrier, for the child (and the baseball player Alex Rodriguez, makes a move and jumps in the pool. His mother, proud of the out of the box thinking of a young boy, as he writes in the caption: “we can’t go out to any restaurant, but the service and the fun of it here are pretty good.”

A lot of people have not forgiven you.” “The coronavirus seems to be fun when you’re a rich man”, “that’s lucky, really, because my kids are entendiadas, and I’m struggling to keep my sanity,” were some of the comments on the the feed the artist’s work. And it’s not just in it. Also, in the back, when she posted a video in a bath tub full of rose petals, wandering about like a pandemic, it puts the rich and the poor in the same place. Or actress Gal Gadot, who legendou a selfie a walk-in closet-million dollar deal with a request for people to stay at home. And, of course, from the ever-surrounding Kylie Jenner for 22 years, the billion dollar man the United States, according to Forbes, who is splitting his boredom in the house where she lives while her country is at the epicentre of the hiv pandemic in the world at the moment.

Jennifer Lopez-Photo: Instagram
Jennifer Lopez-Photo: Instagram

The evil that is in the bling you can have in the minds of the confined, stressed, and anxious, have been discussed by a lot of people who don’t live on auto-pilot for the likes and comments. In the trailer, it puts into question the cult of celebrity through social networking, which is so characteristic of our times. In the United States, for example, the in #guillotine2020 has had more than four thousand terms, since the 16th of march, when the measures of isolation has intensified there as well. The knife is a reference to the favorite weapon of the French revolutionaries of the late EIGHTEENTH century, which challenged the privileges of the nobility and the absolutist of the time. The rich and famous on display today would have been Marie Antoinette’s of the past.

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“The show-offs is a standard practice for ranking of social groups, and has existed since the most remote times. It can appear in the products, brands, and access to the people, culture, travel, strength, and appearance. The stars are for show-offs, with a place in the society, and all that is involved with their lifestyles,” says the anthropologist, and a consultant to the consumer Hilaine Yaccoub.

The difference between the recent past and the present, says the intellectual, it’s that the landscape has shifted, and led to even more differences. To appear in the private space right now is the only option, and it is not more of a marketing strategy, in order to forge a union with god. “To the scene (be it the pools, the gardens or you can walk-in closets), demonstrates how these people live on a daily basis. Well, that is different from the mass of brazil, for example, that half of the population don’t have access to a sewerage system.”

To a psychologist, and a professor at the federal UNIVERSITY of minas gerais Claudius, the Passion, the questioning of such attitudes (in the New York Times, the writer Amanda Hess has said that the culture of the celebrity is on fire at the time of a pandemic) but also to discuss the concept of a meritocracy. The idea of hard work combined with talent and dedication, and it often comes built-in in the context of the prestige and the money. “The famous singer is going on there, and it makes a recipe difficult to juice in order to increase the immunity. Before he could think of, with the speech, meritocratic, and in advance of that position. Now, she barely got the water to wash by hand. In today’s world, no one is open, so you have a few things dabbed on the face, it reflects your Passion.

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The walk-in-closet-of-Gal-Gadot-Photo: Instagram
The walk-in-closet-of-Gal-Gadot-Photo: Instagram

How is it, then, of the discourse, from this day forward, because of the intimacy of the pink-or even the suffering of taxi (the Ellen De Generes, for example, has a caretaker capacity, by saying that he was being arrested at his parents ‘ house) does not give you much more means? According to experts, only time will tell, but it is the power of fame and wealth, and for centuries, it has been shown to be strong. “Possibly, there will be a new expression of show-offs in the future, or to gradually return to what we had. Breaks and breaks of paradigms in the history, it took a lot of deaths, destruction, and the extreme need to break down the representations that are already established. People are still enchanted by the fantasy of difference, in the sense of being better than the other,” he says Hilaine.

Who knows maybe that will change…