Natalie Portman adopts a dog adestrada in prison


Natalie Portman, Padmé Amidala in the Star Wars: clone Wars, and star of the long-the Black Swan, has performed a good deed in the last week or so. The actress has adopted a girl named Sunday by way of the Paws for Life K9 Rescue, an organization that has a program of training for dogs are made by prison inmates.

The artist shared a photo of the newest member of the family on his Instagram, tell us a bit more about the project.

“Very, very grateful for the people in the @pawsforlifek9 that they are trained on the Weekend, the newest addition to our family. Paws for Life is a program for the training of the dogs for the prison service for people with a disorder of post-traumatic stress disorder, and dogs are adotáveis certified by the CGC (Canine Good Citizen). I have seen first-hand how the program is a form of healing for both the dog and the trainer.”

According to People magazine, the foundation picks up the dogs from the shelters in the city, you need to have, or need, to socialize, and places them with prison inmates in California for training.

Some of the celebrities have commented on the blog post It’s to give a warm welcome to the new home.

The “Hello Weekend!”, he wrote Mindy Kaling. “Are adorable!!!!”, praised by Ellen Pompeo. In this way, it’s Sunday and joins the other dog, the Portman, so-called Penny, and, of course, to the husband of the actress, Benjamin Millepied, and their children, Amalia, two years ago, and the Aleph, the eight of them.

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