Puma, Balmain, and Cara Delevingne join forces for the collab of the moment


The collaborations between sports brands and fashion labels in the luxury they are always a hit. While Adidas uses the Stella McCartney for more than a decade ago, the Queue is searched at the Fendi is the missing ingredient to take your luxury. Right now, Puma has today announced a partnership that promises to shake the foundations of the fashion industry. The label that the German will join forces with Balmain, and Cara Delevingne, to have a collection of 35 pieces inspired by the night.

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Present the campaign to the Puma’s from 2016, and Cara Delevingne had never subscribed to the product to the German brand. Then, when he was asked to finally display for your creative vision out there, the actress didn’t have to think twice about turning to his friend with the most innovative.

In this Tuesday, 15/10/2019), the label in the sport, and the british model announced on Instagram that they are together the designer, Olivier Rousteing, the creative director of the brand in the French Balmain, a collection of 35 pieces.

“I was sure that He and I have had the same kind of vision,” she said to the FashionUnited.

The british posed to the German mark from 2016, but now will put you on your style and the design of the parts in the Puma, with the help of Olivier Rousteing

To guide the work, the pair looked for inspiration in a common interest. The practitioners of boxing, they think that the sport makes it possible for each one to overcome his greatest battles: the ones that we wage against ourselves.

“We have a 10-player characters in the campaign, and all of them have something important to say to the world. It is for this reason that we wanted to create a kind of struggle, because we have to fight for their freedom, if we are to be who we are,” said He to the gate.

In addition to the shorts, dressing gowns, and, of course, the gloves, the partnership includes a jacket and bombert-shirts , leggings, joggersshoes, socks, and a powerful dress, with her shoulders marked. Footprint athleisurethe compiled mixture of the practicality of the product from Puma, with the elegance of the distinctive the house of the French language.

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Non-Puma x Balmain
The collection is the Puma x Balmain was inspired by the ring

Non-Puma x Balmain
Compiled, offers a range of jackets, bomber

Non-Puma x Balmain
Tennis leggings don’t miss

Non-Puma x Balmain
The dress with the shoulder-marked with a shiny fabric should be one of the hits the work

In addition to the parts that are to be sold in retail stores and on the website of the label in the sport, starting on the 21st of November, the collaboration will also be on offer for those prepared or made available in the magnificent point-of-sale Balmain. This second one is built, consisting of six items, which will be displayed next to the collection for the spring/summer 2020 in the house.

The Puma x Balmain, which is marked by neutral colors and vibrant shades of red and blue, and will also provide a re-interpretation of the logo of a giant of the sport. “We figured the two cats together, instead of just one. I was determined to create something that’s timeless, but most of all, we knew that our message needed to be true to who we are and what we believe in,” said Rousteing, about the change.

Non-Puma x Balmain
This is the first valentine’s Balmain with a sports

Non-Puma x Balmain
Double-folded, the picture of the cat that is representing the Puma

Non-Puma x Balmain
The golden details and the manipulations of the tissue, such as matelasse, add a touch of opulence to clothing

Non-Puma x Balmain
One of the models of the sneakers from the collaboration

The style of the man can be seen in the models and the well-being. “This is 100% the way I dress, from jackets to t-shirts. The clothes are superconfortáveis, and great for travel. Already stolen a few pieces. However, my favorite part is being able to provide young people with the opportunity to acquire designer clothing at a price that is practicable, because there was no one that I had when I was a teenager,” said the star of the Vogue.

Interested in a partnership, the chief executive officer of Puma Bjoern Gulden said on the final outcome of the build. “Working with our partners, the oldest, Cara Delevingne, and to marry his vision with that of Balmain, a fashion brand is so iconic, it was a great achievement. To be able to blend in with the heritage sport Puma’s legacy of high fashion from Balmain really took this collection to the next level,” said the publishing company.

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Non-Puma x Balmain
The video for the campaign shows a couple of t-shirts that will be available as from the 21st day of November,

Non-Puma x Balmain
The set of the sequins should also be played in between fashion-conscious shoppers

This is nothing more than a measure of Performance in order to strengthen the Balmain to the public at large. After the launch of an application, so that everyone can see the shows on the the labelthe designer believes that the partnership will be a great platform for the spread of diversity and inclusion.

The work has also strengthened a friendship of long-time designer, with Delevingne. More recently, the model of the british closed the runway show for the label in French, and took part in a campaign alongside the creative director, and has set up three bags for a luxury villa in the first half of 2019.

Peter White/Getty Images
The guy is always featured on the catwalk of the the label

By Dan Beleiu/Balmain
The campaign for the spring/summer 2019 at the latest, of Balmain, by Dan Beleiu

Promotional Balmain
The actress has signed three grants for the warm welcome

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