Rolling Stone · Robert Downey, Jr. you can change the Marvel universe for the DC? To understand


Different rumors say that the actor has received proposals from both Warner bros. and Disney

Robert Downey Jr. he closed with the story of the The man in the Iron in Upcoming Deadline (2019). Despite the exciting finish, he can go back to the USING, or you don’t. According to the information on the site Showbiz Cheatsheet, the DC you can also ‘steal’ the actor in the movie for her.

Downeyyou already have the return booked for the USINGin The Black Widow, it was his debut delayed because of the pandemic coronavirus, with a special appearance. It is only in the film, directed by Scarlett Johansson if it passes, prior to the death of the Tony Stark.

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According to another rumor published by the website We Got This Coveredthe Marvel comics you still want to Downey for the future, but the actor allegedly asked for a salary way above that of the studios, led by Disney are you willing to pay for it.

In addition to the alleged conflict concerning the fee of the Marvel comics, the We Got This Covered he also said that the Downey he has received a proposal from the Warner bros. for such a big role in the universe DC.

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If this is the case, it is quite possible for the player to switch to Marvel comics the DC especially, if, in the Warner bros. agree to pay the wages required by the Downey. As for the possible role of the gallery, and rumor has it that the actor may live in a Our Green more of an old man in a long over the The troops of the LanternasVerdes.

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In the end, the sound of the clerk of the Marvel comics reported to the We Got This Covered was an offshoot of the more recent: Downey it would accept a fee lower due to a failure in the box office Dolittle (2020). The sun and the Marvel comics possibly you have closed the deal for the return of the The man in the Iron.

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And as a Tony Stark he would go back? The same rumor says that the role of the Downey it would be the only voice, and the voice-acting in a number of Disney+ on the heroine Hearts-of-Iron. The character Riri Williams this is a teen expert in a technology that is constroí a super-armor with the help of the I. A., the voice and the mind of the Tony Stark.

Gwyneth Paltrow, he played Pepper Potts in the In the MCU, also returning to the series. Up to the time of this writing, Robert Downey Jr. he didn’t comment on the rumors of a possible return to the world The Marvel comic.