Rolling Stone · Ryan Reynolds, and Disney would most likely be in the conflict to keep the Deadpool of 3 to the age


The actor has recently revealed that production on the third installment of the soldier of fortune Chatterbox has already begun

Ryan Reynolds and the executives at Disney are not in conflict, according to information on the sources for the website We Got This Covered, so as to establish what is the age rating of the third film in the Deadpool.

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The fate of a character was uncertain, after the merger with Fox (which owned the rights to the Deadpooland walt Disney, but, according to the Reynoldsthe movie has just entered production. There is no date set for the start of the set, however.

When you Deadpool went to Disney world for the fans of the character, they were afraid that the third movie in the franchise is to lose the “status” of the film are of legal age and if it becomes an adventure, PG-13 (for age 13 and older in the United States of america. At that time, Disney would have agreed to keep production up with the swearing and the blood, as in the long past.

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According to the sources, from the web site, that decision would be reviewed by the park. In addition to this, there is also the fact that Reynolds and I would like to have full creative control over Deadpool and about the movie, and the one that does not exist within the MCU, and the inside of production of Marvel Studios.

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The site also says that the discussions between the Reynolds and Disney, if it holds, and the parties have not reached a decision on the Deadpool 3.