Rolling Stone magazine, Someone put it “Toxic”, by Britney Spears, from The Witcher


In the series, the Series has won the affection of millions of people, and in the other editions, and a funny follow up the success of

Despite receiving a moderate reception by the critics, the success of the public The Witcherseries of Netflix based on the franchise of the books and the game of the same name, is all. And with the love and affection of the fans, the memes, and edits, so funny, and one of them is a mash-up of a fight scene with hit-pop of “Toxic”, the Britney Spears.

A point in the series, which has had rave reviews from all that were in the choreography of the fights, especially the last stand Geralt (Henry Cavill) a group of mercenaries in the first episode. A young man named Lee, Travis (@lostthenumbers) made a tweet with the following at the same rhythm as the music Britney watch it below:

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In a free translation: “I’m Still thinking about that fight in the first episode of the The-Witcher. If you played along with the ‘Toxic’ is still the best.”

In spite of the violence of the strokes of the Geralt, there is no denying that he’s got a bit of attitude ‘the bad boy is dangerous’, that’s classic Britney Spears goes, proving that, in addition to being very funny, the editing of the fans and captures the essence of the characters.

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The success of the series The Witcher it’s so much that it rose up again in the books, they appear in the list of the most sold in the world.


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