Ryan Reynolds ‘ turn to make a joke involving the COVID-19, and the Green Lantern corps


The Green lantern, Ryan Reynolds
The Green lantern, Ryan Reynolds (Movie)

It seems as if there is one regret in your life Ryan Reynoldshe goes by the name of the Green Lantern corps. The actor, who was once thought to be the sexiest man in the world, in which he played the hero in the movie theaters, and you’re always laughing at themselves, because the film was a flop, it made more of a joke involving the character, in connection with the COVID-a 19-a virus that is killing many people around the world.

On his Instagram he posted a picture of the Green Lantern corps, and, with the words: “P*ta m** * * * from you, I’m not good at rhymes or being the Green Lantern/ In brightest day/ In blackest night/ No threat which is left shall escape my sight/ those Who doubt the power of the COVID/ be Careful with my hands: soap and Water/ Happy day-the St.But, he said, while encouraging his fans to wash their hands, since it is a simple measure that prevents the spread of the virus and its transmission to other people.

The Green lantern has had so much wear, that is up to the director, Taika Waititi prefer to pretend that it never existed at all. The main criticism that the movie won was because of the costume worn by the Reyonolds as Hal Jordan, it was entirely done in CGI, which gives a sense of the artificial, very large. The film, which cost $ 200 million to the coffers of Warner brothers in 2011, it took only 219 million all over the world, and is only paid for its production. This has caused the studio to pull out of making film land of the heroes, and from there it connects them in a parallel universe, just as Marvel was starting to do that.

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Ryan Reynolds has spoken poorly of the character of the film, several times, it became a running joke in the Deadpool, which stars and is produced by the actor. The Green lantern is about to win a series on HBO Max, the new streaming service from the group’s Studio.