Selena Gomez enjoys and then descurte – two-photos-of-Justin Bieber on Instagram; Fans react to it, and one wonders why


Selena Gomez gave a talk on the Saturday (the 28th), after, like, two photos of Justin Bieber on Instagram. The singer has just descurtiu publications, but fans have been quick, and have succeeded in the various prints of the event. In social media, but many fans wondered if it really was a stalkeando her ex-boyfriend, or if her profile had been hacked.

The first post was a picture of your belly to the sun, that was posted by the actor Moises Arias, of “Hannah Montana,” whose profile on, Selena is following on Instagram. Hailey, Bieber has also had made her enjoy the blog post.

The same is true for a picture of Gomez and Bieber together in February of 2018 at the latest, for the journey that they have made to Jamaica for the wedding of his father. The photo was posted by a fan of the couple, who have just noticed that the interaction of the muse.

“I’m in shock. I never in a million years, you would think that Selena or Justin curtiriam post to mine.”wrote to a little girl, with a print of of the time because the publication ended up being descurtida for the singer, after a few moments.

Check out the photos you liked (Playback/Instagram)

After the Service launch, “Rare”, a book about self-improvement and self-esteem, and the liking come as a surprise to the singer’s fans, who have speculated on the reasons for why this has happened. “The people must have been unwittingly, or, you know, it was hacked, because there is no way that Selena would like a photo of Jelena and photo of Teen”presented to a user.

“I doubt it would have been for the Better, even that you “like” the photo of the Teen, because the female or Instagram must be downloaded to the mobile phone from her. My theory is that the calls on it’s logged in on the phone to one of her friends, who should have come without any want, and had”he talked to a fan club.

Other selenators just realized that it was herself who “like” the photo, and were incredulous with what had happened. “Better by liking the picture of Justin and Jelena. I only believe in seeing’. I saw: ‘can’t believe’”said one user on Twitter. Selena liked a photo of Justin bieber. Me: “‘alas, Alas, the whole world’s wrong, you know what I mean. Pretending that is not seen’”stated in another.

“2019: ‘Now, this is goodbye this is goodbye, for we’ll – Lose-you-to-Love-Me – Selena Gomez. 2020: Selena Gomez “like” a photo in the body of Justin Bieber and another one of them TOGETHER on Instagram”to compare a young girl’s victory. “Selena, for the love of God, you have promised me. Someone told me it was hacked because I don’t accept she is enjoying the things in the Justin bieber”, put the other one.

Selena and Justin have experienced a relationship of comings and goings for a period of eight years. In the end of them, took place in march of the year 2018. Two and a half months later, Bieber, and Hailey Baldwin, if you reconectaram, and in July, he asked her to marry me. Since then, Mexico continues to single. “There are some days when I wake up and I’m bored, and I’m like, ‘I’m going to be alone forever. But after 15 minutes it goes away and I say to myself, ” I know that there are people all over the world,’”the singer explained in an interview with the site’s Software at the beginning of march.

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