Sex scenes on television, do you have any new rules, after the statements of Emilia-Clarke – Tv-Media –


The membership of the directors in the Uk Directors in the UK – has launched a guide which serves as a code of conduct is written to the scenes of nudity and sex on television.

This guide comes with a day-after-Emilia-Clarke reveals that he was pressured to expose your body to the popular ‘War of The Thrones”, in which he played the role of Daenerys Targaryen.

In an interview, the british actress recalled that she was asked to write in the nude scenes, which had not been previously agreed upon, and that he was often crying, to the bathroom.

“I was there, completely naked, with all of these people, and I didn’t know what to do and what was expected of me,” he said.

With the guide Directing Nudity & Simulated Sex, ” the Directors of the UK is expected to avoid situations of discomfort, such as those experienced by the actor and to create an environment of professionalism and respect in the studio.

The rules begin with the auditions, where the actors never have to remove your clothes, even if they are asked to simulate a sex scene. In the footage, the kisses should be, without language, except as a director and actor to agree on the opposite. They also have to know what are the parts of the body that can be touched/beijados.

In addition to this, they should not be allowed cell phones on set, and the team is in the studio must be kept to a minimum. All the actors should take their clothes, when they start to burn, otherwise you should have a robe to cover their bodies.

The manual also suggests that the need for the use of the human body, and/or other parts of the body as a synthetic in a way that prevents the contact genital area.