“SIC a Wife To 15 years old, Millie Bobby Brown has been heavily criticised for the look of the one used in the SAG Awards: “it sounds like a business woman, a mother of two children.”


Kevork Djansezian

At just 11 years old Millie Bobby Brown it has become one of the actress best known for hollywood blockbusters, all for the sake of the series Stranger Things where it is one of the main characters.

Now, the 15-year-old, the young, continues to be a consistent presence in the major events of hollywood, but is regularly criticized by the looks of it, uses it, according to a number of the internet users, they are not appropriate for their age.

The actress has appeared in the carpet of the SAG Awards, the fact of the signature, such as Louis Vuitton, which has left fans of horror. “It seems that there’s a thirty-year”, “The people responsible for this look should be fired,” “I’m in shock’, or ‘The Millie Bobby Brown, it has to be between 15 and 55 years”, “it’s Not normal for a teenage girl to dress like that”, “it Looks like a business woman, a mother of two children.” you can read up on the various reviews.

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Amy Sussman

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