Sophie Turner, had what look you will regret it forever” to be used


The actress revealed that she had a ~an emergency fashion in~ and had to mount a production of the last-minute

Sophie Turner it is one of the actresses most stylish of his generation, and you can bet on the looks of the casual (she is a huge fan of the combo, papete + half awith the same touch of cool that wears a sophisticated look for a holiday party. But that it is not the artist, that is truly a fashionista in the book, is able to escape from the let the fashion.

In an interview with the magazine He britain’s Sophie, has revealed that if you go – and lots of it. – the look and used it for the wedding, Kit Haringtonthat was next to her in the Game of Thronesand Rosie Lesliethat took place in the year 2018. To mark the occasion, the actress bet on a dressed in red, model of the blazer, black tank top, sunglasses, cat-bag of the chain at the cross-section, and the boots-over-the-knee justinhas.

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams at the wedding of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams at the wedding of Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Play/Backgrid)

“I’m going to change my mind for this look. This was one of my worst looks of it,” said the actress, when you see a picture of the production. Sophie had explained to the magazine this wasn’t her first choice outfit for the event, but ended up with a ~emergence of fashion~ the run-up to the date of: “Both of these dresses, classics that I picked up did not work for me. As they arrived on the day of the wedding, and I haven’t had time to try them out before you.”

The actress also said that in addition to not having the beloved with the dress, too it was not a big fan of the boots, which put an end to the visual. “It was the boots, a fair for high tops or high heels it’s cute. However, I’ve always felt that if I went in with high heels, all over my leg, I would be on the show… Well, it was a disaster. My worse choice in my fashion,” she said.

Sophie will also be remembered for the outfit you have chosen for the celebration of the anniversary of 30 years of Joe Jonasin the past year, which had as its theme: the world of the spy, James Bond. At the event, the actress had a little black dress with an asymmetrical neckline and deep slit. The piece is from the designer Alexandre Vauthier it has already been worn by Taylor Swift by the year 2016.

“I wanted to be a Bond girl in for the night. I know that Taylor Swift’s already had a used to have before the event, and it was much better than what I have into it,” said the actress. Cute, but both of them were beautiful, each with their own style, don’t you think? can

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