“Starving” is the first song from Hailee Steinfeld to reach the 700 million streams on Spotify


Hailee Steinfeld may have not released her first album of his career, but he already has his greatest hits. One of them is “Starving”, which is this Friday (the 11th) has reached 700 million streams on Spotify. This is the first album of the singer, who has become much more the brand. The song was a collaboration of the power rangers, and So. Posted in 2016, came at the 12th stop, the Billboard Hot 100, a major in the United States.

After “Starving”, all the songs you hear most often from Hailee Steinfeld on Spotify is “Let Me Go”, with the generator sets running and a Florida-Georgia Line with more than 500 million people), and “Love Myself”, with 361 million). Today, she released the single “Back to Life”, the soundtrack to the film “Leader”.

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