Sun Pérez squeeze like never before and teaches Nor Demi Rose! What will explode?


Until the end of last year, right during the voting policy of the citizens to choose their representatives, all of the men and women of Argentina (and many outside their borders) they kept their hopes on the encounter with Sol Perez, the body, and earn your friendship or who knows if something more. However, it was there, in full vote when the illusion turned into a disappointment for all of them because the girl of the time it was public that I had a boyfriend. And not a any. You have chosen well and will not be split up, with your help has controlled many of the great personalities of his country.

He is Guido Mazzoni, a brawny entrepreneur dedicated to the high intensity exercise that has trapped many of the familiar faces with their dynamics of training. Specifically, practice crossfit, a discipline born in United States and that is perfect to put on quickly in the form and win a few attributes that may resemble (even remotely) to the Sun. Well, to it have joined cuerpazos as Ivana Nadal, Jessica Cyrus or Candela Ruggeri, that now the Sun can be observed closely in their evolution.

One thing is clear, seeing that all these human sculptures of the nation of the sun king and seeing not only the body of the Sun, that no one gets tired of looking at, but his current partner, the thing to earn his heart is complicated, at least without taking the trouble of facing a training of considerable intensity, as is the practice of the sport in north america. That the buenos aires has been called the Demi Rose Latin or can let the shadow of the british is not casual. And if you don’t, look.

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Look at the results of the workouts that you spend the couple of fashion in the middle of a crisis by the Covid-19. In a move of a balancing act and at the same time adds strength and coordination, both Sun and Guido are fused together in a figure that obliges argentina to squeezing her powerful muscles back to support the weight of her boy, and let us teach!. Perhaps the most of five million followers of Sol Perez still does not reach more than 13 of the of Birmingham but with Guido, to his side, well you can get it. For the moment, what being in shape gives you a thousand turns.