Tag: Kylie Jenner, will be donated by the alcohol in the gel, to fight against the coronavirus


The products are destined for hospitals in California

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In the past week Kylie Jenner he announced the suspension of the activities of their brands, for the account of the global pandemic of the coronavirusin addition to donating$ 1 million to a hospital in the los angeles, California, for the purchase of supplies and equipment for healthcare, which is missing at the moment.

Now, the billion dollar entered into a partnership with the Responsible for, the conglomerate of beauty, which is the owner of part of a line of cosmetics Kylie’s Skinin order to produce and give away the alcohol in the gel the health professionals of the hospitals in the southern California area who are on the front line in the fight against the Covid-19.

We don’t know how many units will be made in the plants are Responsible for, that they were already adjusting their activities to the production of ácool in the ointment, but, according to the TMZeach bottle of the product, you will have the following message:Dedicated to the first responders who are working to support our communities.”

That is important, right? Here are the other brands that are making donations to the fundamental, to help in the battle for the new coronavirus.