Tennis-Travis Scott x Nike SB Dunk Low will be released in Brazil only in the physical stores


Shoes will come in selected stores around here.

After you draw in your own virtual store on Saturday, and that the shoes has been sold in a package of exclusive, the rapper Travis Scott, along with the team at Nike SB is set to launch officially in the, Nike Dunk Low, multiple times all over the world. Ever since, the native of Houston, took to his room in the design of the shoes with the Swoosh by in the video, the JACKBOYS, in December of last year, the hype over the shoes was on the roof, and we now know that these items will be sold exclusively in the stores, a skate board you have selected.

The website of Nike SB gives us a better look at the pair below, as we can see, the model is a discrete fully clothed with the charm of a Cactus Jack. The screen won’t be seen for the earth tones, the layers, the camouflage of the branches of the trees, and the shoes are a direct reflection of the tastes of the Sword.

With Nike already confirming via Twitter that this colorway of the fact that it will not be posted to the app, SNKRS, or on the company’s website, the chances of you getting a pair that already has been significantly reduced, and therefore, not surprisingly, resulted in very prices are raised to the range of US $ 1100-1800 on a variety of platforms to re-sell them.

The model arrived in Brazil in the amount of$549, and up to the time when and the places where you will be selling are only in the states of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Paraná states, only in selected stores. To find out what will be the mechanics of the sale, you must sign in to Instagram for each of the stores.

Sao Paulo-Matriz Skate-the Mall -Maze SP -Ratus Skate-the Mall (Santo André)

The Paraná State: -Retta Skate-The Mall (In London) -Stage To An Underground Spot (Ponta Grossa)

Rio De Janeiro: – Added A Skate Board Art (Petr)

Over the past two years, Scott has become arguably the developer of the sneaker industry’s largest, taking up two places in our top 10 list of the best collaborations in 2019.

Photo By: Nike/Handout

Photo By: Nike/Handout
Photo By: Nike/Handout
Photo By: Nike/Handout