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The public television uk, BBC announced on Monday (10) to produce a series of documentary films with the participation of the Swedish Greta Thunberg. The environmental activist will talk about his life, and it will also look at the findings of scientists on climate change.

“The series will follow a cross-the international Rift, which takes you to the front line in the fight against climate change, and in some of those places the most remarkable of the Earth, and explore what actions can be taken to limit the climate-change-and-the-damage-caused”, says the BBC’s Studios, in a press release.

The series will take part in the meetings of the activist, 17-year-old scientists, policy makers, and business leaders, to whom she asks to act on the emergency of the climate, he said.

“The show will also traçarão your own journey to adult life”.

It will also include times of quiet, in which a young woman, who suffers from a mild form of autism, is social, he writes his speeches.

In the fight for climate of the Thunberg began quietly in August 2018 at the latest, when he missed school for three weeks, and then spent all of Friday in front of the Swedish Parliament, with a card that read, “on Strike at school because of the weather”.

Since then, her activism brought her to the attention of millions of people from all around the world.

“Climate change is probably the most important thing in our lives, and for this reason it seems appropriate to do a series that allowed you to explore the facts and science behind this complex issue,” said Rob Liddell, the executive producer of the BBC’s Studios.

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“To be able to do this with, But it is an extraordinary privilege, one that gives us an inside view of what it means to be an icon for a global and on a side of the most famous in the world.”

When I was 16, But Thunberg's person of the year by Time magazine

When I was 16, But Thunberg’s person of the year by Time magazine