The alert of the new couple: Niall Horan, and Hailee Steinfeld are all being, state web sites


International Sites claim that Niall Horan, and Hailee Steinfeld is getting. All the comments about the courtship has lasted for weeks, but E! News, ensures that it is not wrong to say that “something” is there. Something more than a friendship, of course. “While it is true that Hailee and Niall are going on, but at this point everything is still very casual,” says a source from the web site of a juicy piece of gossip.

A few days ago, Hailee tweeted a photo in which you appear, wearing a t-shirt from the store of the tour, and Niall Horan – what they could mean nothing, but for many, it was a great track.

The question is what Hailee has done in the post is exactly in the middle of the speculation about a relationship between them. Didn’t have to. “It’s not the first time Hailee and At the to cause speculation about their relationship status. Niall wished a happy birthday to the very sweet to her in November, and they were caught together at a concert by the Backstreet Boys in the last month,” says the website of the Cash.

According to E!, after the show, the Backstreet Boys, they went to a nightclub, and been seen side-by-side on a table. It was a public holiday for President’s Day, and they were actually moving in together. The difficulty in dating it is precisely because of the agenda of the two of them. Niall is going to get a tour of the world, and Hailee will be in the studio for their next album.

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