The beloved Captain-America-Chris-Evans gives a lesson to the actors of the Avengers in Hollywood


After the Upcoming Deadline, Chris Evans has left the MCU, the universe of film from the Marvel universe. As you’d expect, the player would find a new challenge.

Chris Evans has had years of success as spider-man, but now you have to prove to the other roles. What is happening, and has been reviewed by the site, CBR is what the actor has done well.

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Taking on a new career path after being in the ‘Captain America’: Chris Evans is giving a lesson to his colleagues in the Avengers. According to the website, the most famous is a role model for those of you that are going on in the Marvel universe.

In the analysis, and the portal reminds us of Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow. However, the actress is not in the same spot, because she was an actress, that is established prior to the MCU, and continued on with the other jobs, large and prominent in the last few years. For this reason, it’s a different story for Chris Evans.

The same goes for other names such as Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles, and Paul Rudd. All are well-known and the most help to the MCU, the MCU for the help. Chris Evans, the situation is different, in the comic books, it gave a chance to turn it into a star.

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The mantle of Captain America, Chris Evans was giving evidence in the right way to go. The actor has explored the genre, and took on many different roles.

Even if he was the hero of comic books, a star appeared in The iceman (2012), and also in the comedy Let it go (2014). The works featured at this time came in with an Express from Tomorrow (2013), Bong Joon Ho’s, and Before We Go (2014), in which Chris Evans is also a director.

In place of take on the characters that you remember, ” Steve Rogers, he’s just running away from that model. A recent example of this is the Gifted, in the fall of 2017, when the star becomes a guardian of the child, and evidence that it may act as a protagonist in a drama.

In the same way, he has had experience in Broadway in the year 2018. When he left the Marvel universe in Avengers: Ultimatum, it soon came under the spotlight at the movie theater.

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Chris Evans was chosen to be in the starring cast Among the Knives, and the Secrets (to 2019). The movie is a hit from the critics and the public.

The lesson of the Chris Evans-is that the role of the Marvel comics, they can explore other genres and in other roles. Of the Marvel universe, like it or not, it will be a stand that is famous for a very long time.

For EMPHASIS, those who need this lesson are the stars of Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man and Chris Hemsworth, the “Thor”. The first one appeared in the Dolittle this year, the highly-criticized and a failure at the box office, while the second one comes from a sequence that is problematic out of the MCU.

The work of Hemsworth are in the MIB: Men in Black-the International (By 2019), ghostbusters (2016) and the Holiday Disappointed (by 2015). All have faced the problems, or at the box office or critical acclaim.

Meanwhile, Chris Evans continues to give the example.

The actors can be seen assembled in the Avengers: Deadline, which is currently available on Amazon Prime Video.