The bomb! The new film from Natalie Portman opens up with a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes


Sci-fi Lucy in the Sky brings you a team of winners, where Natalie Portman to star, and Noah Hawley (Fargo, the Legion makes its debut in the the direction of. But it seems like the blowback.

The first reviews of the film have been revealed, after passing through the international Film Festival in Toronto, where he held a reception, as well as negative. It is even more surprising is the fact that it is the long, open, with 0% on the aggregator reviews from Rotten Tomatoes.

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Of course, a note needs to go up as new reviews are posted, but it’s a brand that’s well in the negative to start with.

In the film, the character lives in an astronaut Lucy is the Glue, based on Lisa Nowak, who, after the return of the space to begin a relationship of learning with a co-worker, experienced by Jon Hamm, in the long time.

The film also highlights the fact that when you get back from a trip to the area, the character realizes that he is losing connection with reality. The plot focuses on the potential effects of the isolation of the cause in the earth. Dan Stevens is going to be responsible to live with her and Lucy Together.

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Noah Hawley takes over the steering, while Reese Whiterspoon is in charge of the production, along side the executive producer Bruna Papandrea. Brian C. Brown and Elliott DiGuiseppi sign up for the tour.

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In the United States, a Lucy-in-The-Sky to arrive on the 4th of October. There is no date set for his debut for the united states.