The box-office, Brazil: the Long Christmas eve with Emilia Clarke, the leading


The Christmas once again came out on top at the domestic box office. The theme of the party in question, A Second Chance For Love he led the profits of the movie theaters in the last end of the week, to reach R$ 2,452 million.

With Emilia Clarkethe Daenerys Targaryen the Game of Thronesthe romance of christmas was able to be overcome Maleficent – The Mistress Of Evil – who was in the lead for a few weeks, for the second time. Even so, in the following form Sleeping Beauty secured in the second position.

The comedy in the national The Parças 2 he came soon after with$ 2,162 million to be raised. The following function returns the group re-formed for a Tom Cavalcante, Whindersson Nunes, Tirulipa and Bruno de Luca.

The fourth place was filled by the More Than Conquerors. The film tells a story of resilience in sport, and has the direction of the Alex Kendrickexpert in the genre, and is responsible for projects such as The Proof Of The Pudding.

Anyone who has held the position for the next The Guards – The Movie. Based on the TELEVISION series of the same name, the film goes inside a prison in brazil. In It, Hadrian (Rodrigo Lombardi), you need to deal with the conflict aroused by the arrival of an international terrorist.

Check out the ranking in full, in accordance with the FilmeB:

1 – A Second Chance For Love To R$ 2,452 million
2 – Maleficent – The Mistress Of Evil – Us$ 2,218 million
3 – The Parças 2 Us$ 2,162 million
4- More Than Conquerors R$ 1,502 million,
5 – The Guards – The Movie Us$ 1,125 million
6 – The joker R$ 1,095 million
7 – The Family Addams Us$ 984 billion
8 – Dora The Explorer-The Lost City Us$ 774 billion
9 – A Rainy Day In New York City Us$ 6157mil
10 – An Invasion By The Secret Service Us$ 590 billion

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