The brothers Russo show you the new look for Tom Holland’s in the House


Onthe new film from the the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo (Upcoming Deadlinegot a new picture. Taken on the island in the first edition, the picture has a new look Tom Holland (Spider-man: Far from Home), which play the role of a bank robber. Check it out:

In OnTom Holland’s Son Walker, an ex-military man who becomes a thief to pay for his drug addiction. The most distant Friend in the Neighborhood, which is impossible. The cast also Ciara Bravo, Bill Skarsgard, Jack Reynor, Forrest Is There, Jeffrey Wahlberg, Michael Gandolfini and Kyle Harvey.

Written by and based on the true story of the President Walkerthe book will gain a roadmap to Jessica Goldberg to the big screen. In the story, a young man with his girlfriend in high school before joining the army and leaving for Iraq. The doctor in war, and that he is not prepared for the cruel reality that awaits them, or of the vices of its soldiers, co-workers, who smoke, stink, abuse of prescription painkillers, and pornography, and is often injured.

When he returns home, his stress, post-traumatic stress disorder weighs heavily, and he soon becomes a drug addict and in debt. The man feels a relief to rob the banks, who will return the feelings to a focus, and make you feel the pressure of a combat situation. Walker, stole up to A US$ 40 billion and he was arrested in 2011, with a sentence up to the year 2020. On it debuted on the bestseller list of the The New York Times in a 14th-place finish.

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Still no date for his debut set, Cherry is likely to be 2020.