The businessman said that the father had saved the life of Britney Spears


Robert Baker, a well-known head of a dance studio in Los Angeles, told the English newspaper the Sunday Mirror in an interview that Britney Spears had died during the collapse and, had it not been for his father.

According to mr. Baker, who has become a friend of the family, and he knows Her more than 20 years ago, and said that the pop star was saved by Jamie Spears, when he went to his aid in 2007.

He told the publication: “I’ve known Britney since 1998. I’ve seen her at the height of his fame, and I saw you fighting when the going got tough. It was out of control. She was going through the worst time of her life, and she needed some help.”, reminded us of.

“Her father has stepped in and given her the help that she needed. If he had not been there, things might have been very different. I don’t think that she would still be with us today.”, explained the owner.

In the last few years, Jamie Spears has been accused of trying to exert too much influence on her daughter, but Robert had rejected those suggestions, insisting that the father is doing everything it can to protect the king.

“All I saw was a father, a protector, and loving, and that he wanted to make sure she was safe. He has done an amazing job. Their relationship hasn’t been the best, but he just wants what’s best for her.”

Robert Baker has also claimed that the singer was not ready for the super stardom they faced.

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“No one could really prepare you for the machine name. She came to the studio and said to me: “I’m the most lonely in the world. She said that when she came out, she didn’t know if it would be with a gun pointed in your face, or with a camera.

After the crisis, when you have shaved the head for more than 10 years old, her father, Jamie Spears became his legal guardian. The singer lost custody of their children to ex-husband Kevin Federline, which persists to this day in the custody, with the time you shared with her.

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