The daughters of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt go for the big drama


Angelina Jolie has revealed that two of her daughters to her and Brad Pitt, have been subjected to a surgical procedure recently, but did not share any specific details.

In an essay for TIME, Jolie has reported the news, saying, “I’ve Spent the last couple of months of going in and out of the surgery with my daughter, and then, a few days ago, I found that his sister was having.”

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She went on to say “you know what, I’m writing this, because I respect their privacy and discuss it together, and they encouraged me to write. They understand that you go through the challenges to doctors and to fight in order to survive and to heal, it is something to be proud of.”

Jolie told us that Zahara is 15 years old, and Shiloh, 13 years of age, have been based on the pursuit of power, and in the midst of his health problems, as well as their younger sister, Vivienne.

“I have seen my children taking care of each other. My daughter has studied with her, and then helped the next time,” she said. “I like my girls to have stopped it so easily, and if you put it in the first place, and I had the pleasure of being of service to those who love him.”

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Jolie said, “I watched you when you face them with courage. All of us know at that time that no one else can help, and that’s all we can do is to close your eyes and breathe. If only we could take the next step or to breathe through the pain, then we have entered into and we do it.”

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have decided to separate, in rio in 2016, and is currently fighting in court for custody of the children.

With the whole of society is involved at a difficult time in quarantine, the children of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have been doing their utmost to comply with the terms of the trust.

According to Hollywood Life, the health and safety of the six children is a top priority of the actors involved. However, they are in keeping with the terms of the custody with the children, visiting in a later Interview.

“Brad and Angelina are taking it seriously and following all the recommendations to make sure that they are protected,” said a source to the tabloid.

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“Brad and Angelina are taking it seriously and following all the recommendations to make sure that they are protected,” said a source to the tabloid.

According to a statement released, the players are coping well with the difficult period, and working together in raising their children.

“Angelina loves Brad gives you his full attention when they are with him. This includes cooking, doing crafts and helping them with their homework”, concluded the source.

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