The director of “Frozen 2” says that Kristen Bell has a “good idea” to the following


Frozen 2
A scene from Frozen 2 teaser trailer released by Disney, Play, YouTube, Walt Disney Animation Studios)

After the great reception of the “Frozen 2“ and the success of the two animations Jennifer Leeone of the directors and the writers of the story, don’t rule out the possibility of a feature film. She even revealed that Kristen Bellactress who provides the voice for Anna, it would be a “good idea” for a new sequence.

“She’s so talented,” he said. “It was essential for the journey of Anna, and I’m so proud that she has joined us and said, ” Hey, Anna… do you see it as optimistic [mas] we all go through battles in the past. I have been fighting battles every day, and I choose to be this way, to get up from the ground, and to never give up, and that was the day that Anna was supposed to have’. And I agree. She has been a partner with the incredible, then it might be a good idea [de Frozen 3]” he told the writer in an interview with the HollywoodLife.

About her feelings at the moment, and being able to write in a new animation in the world, Lee says he is “happy” for the time being. “So far, I feel happy, satisfied, and also, I’m really tired, so I ask here for a year,” he said.

She is also an account of the trials and difficulties to develop a “Frozen 2” by turning the 3’s even more complicated. “The problem with the Darkness 2 is that it only came about because we told him that there was more story here. The girls had never been together. I want to see it. What is the day of Elsa? Why does she have the power? Chris and I had so many questions, but the world was asking for, and we were committed, we went, ‘Let’s go!’ We had no idea what we were doing. For ourselves, we went into the unknown, and I am very happy to have made it, but it was a lot more difficult to do, 2) what to do 1. I can only imagine what a 3 would be, how much more difficult it would be,” he said.

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Check out the trailer:

“Frozen 2” it will be released in Brazil on the 2nd of January, in the year 2020.

The film is directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, who also served as a writer on the side for Allison Schroeder.

The cast of the voices of the animated account, with Bruklin Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff, Sterling K. Brown, Evan Rachel Wood, Martha Plimpton, Rachel Matthews, Alfred Molina, and Santino Fontana.

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