The Fake news?! After the wedding, weird, and Anne Mongeau, formerly of Bella Thorne opens up the game over the ceremony with Jake, Paul, “For fun” content, and come to check it out!


Oh, and my daughter… what do you mean? Only after they have caused the horrors of her marriage to the super bizarre on the last weekend, and the honeymoon with only one of the bride and groom, Anne Mongeau, formerly of Bella Thorne, has made a new revelation. So, it is not, as many suspected, his marriage to the youtuber, Jake Paul, it was almost like a practical joke, and that they are not in a relationship is uniquely close.

In the last episode of the series, “Anne Turns 21, the influencer has given details of his open relationship with Jake. “Jake and I are officially exclusive [um para o outro]so I think that, for me, we would have taken to opening up our relationship to the aperture of the wedding, right?”told her about the decision. “I don’t think that we’re all trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together, what do we want from the fact that her ‘marriage’ to be’he added.

Anne Mongeau, and Jake Paul (Photo: Presley Ann/Getty Images)

She also said that they were doing it for the “fun of it, and for the content! What?! “Don’t get me wrong, I do think that a marriage is a serious thing, but at the same time, I don’t think that Jake and I took things too seriously. I am so in love with it, but it’s still something that’s fun and youthful, which we are obviously doing it for fun, and for the contentand shot her. So, this was all a trick?!

According to Page Six, and in no time, the couple filed for the license application to register your marriage in court. On this, some of the friends of Anne have been very sincere, and bleak. “I felt that Anne really was going to marry-legally, with Jake, of course, I’d be surtando”, he said to his best friend, Ashly Schwan. “I don’t think that they should have been engaged, personally. They’re not in love”said the agent of the Toll. Gee…

Anne opens up the game in the “Anne Turns 21” (Photo: Playback/YouTube)

Also in this episode of the web series, Anne and Jake talked about where they would take their relationship seriously. “This is a marriage that is 100% legal on paper, right?”he asked the young woman. What he laid out his plans. “I don’t know if I can talk to you about this, because we have to make it look as if it was going to be”. And it didn’t stop there… the influencer has continued to show its commitment to such a staging of the boy.

During an examination, Anne admitted to all of this, and he explained the reasons for this is the wedding played out and weird. “We’re just, sort of, noting that for the s***from people, because at the end of the day, we are the trolls of the Internet. It is up to us as to just how real this ishe said. Watch here the episode of the “Anne Turns 21,” and all of the discussions leading up to the wedding:

And in this marriage, “content” has become so big, that it has become one of the topics most talked about on social networks! We have listed here are the 8 reasons why this ceremony has been one of the most bizarre and unexpected of the last several years. But the signals for the “twist” of the couple, who had already been in the air when Jake went for the honeymoon, alone, with Anne leaving behind a “family emergency”. Right now, we just want to see what else they’re going to get…