The father-of-Lady-Gaga asks for help from Go FundMe and criticism


The father-of-Lady-Gaga Joe Germanotta, has often been criticised this week by asking for help to pay the workers their restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, in New York city, which is currently closed because of an outbreak of the coronavirus.

The man, the father of one of the singer’s most well-paid in the country, opened a new page in the Go FundMe asking for financial assistance.

Joe Germanotta, has released a message on your social networks, which was later deleted in which he said:

“I’m doing my best, but we have had to close, ‘Joanne Trattoria’ for a month. Our team is in need of financial assistance. Any kind of help for our people to be heard.

The users were critical of Joe and it felt amazing to his request that stated:

“The goal of US$ 50,000 (US$ 258 million) to cover the payroll for about 2 weeks, and 100% of the profits were allocated to our staff to provide you with the necessary items such as food, child care and medical expenses,” wrote Gaga on the Go-FundMe.

Social media users also expressed that it is not the responsibility of the singer to meet the expenses of his father.

Back in February, Joe has also faced controversy after refusing to pay the rent for his restaurant, claiming that its sales had fallen by 30%, mainly due to the coronavirus.

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The fight against depression

Lady Gaga, who is on the verge of releasing their sixth full-length studio album, and made a rant in public about his battle with depression in an exclusive interview with the magazine Paper.

At the age of 33, she already suffers from fibromyalgia, has reported on the ongoing battle to feel good. “Be glad it’s not so simple to do. I have clinical depression. There are some things going on in my brain that makes dopamine, and serotonin, may not function right, and I will not be able to get in there.”

Well-known for its style, considered to be a “diferentão” at the beginning of her career, Gaga recounted how the brain tends to deal with the negative thoughts.

“It’s as if someone else could speak, ‘let’s just be happy,’ and I say to them, ‘go and you be happy, d***a’,” he said.

The singer also said that the composition of the disk, Chromatica, which is expected to be released on the 10th of April, reflect a lot on this stage of your life.