The heroine of comic books can turn into a major VILLAIN in Doctor Strange 2


Doctor Strange 2 is coming up in Phase 4 of the Marvel comics, is already promising to open the gates when I first saw it. Even though the plot of the film has not been disclosed to the public, we have the information, the Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) will be in the film, on the side of the main character, Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), who has left all the fans very happy.

Interestingly enough, contrary to what many people think, there is a good chance the Scarlet Witch to end up being an antagonist and not an ally of Doctor Strange in his new film.

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Is that the Scarlet Witch is the villain in Dr. Strange 2? In the article, we talked about it.

In the Marvel comics, the powers of the Scarlet Witch is fully connected to the next. Able to manipulate the reality and create alternate worlds, a regime change has already caused a number of problems for the Avengers and himself.

The culmination of this was in the event the House of M comic book from Marvel comics, a time when the Scarlet Witch created an alternate reality in which the wishes of all the people were. Of course, this is just going wrong and causing a high degree of instability, as the people had recovered their memories, and they ended up coming back to bite the heroine, which just goes to show how this manipulation of reality, can be dangerous.

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As the Doctor, Strange to say in the comic books of Marvel comics, the mind, the mind of a person who can handle the reality that it is certainly not a healthy one. The imagination is a problem, because it will build up inside of your mind to a world that doesn’t exist, from a person that is all that is real. The Scarlet Witch comes up against this problem frequently.

In the Marvel comics, Wanda ends up creating a chaos in the universe, on account of its branches. Looking forward to having children, Wanda manipulates reality to end up getting pregnant, and the View that it would be impossible, since it’s an android – but in the end the whole charade is revealed and the Scarlet Witch discovers that his children don’t exist, which causes a great distress. At another event in the comic books, in the memories of Wanda to create an alternate reality so dangerous that it ends up separating and the Like.

Actress Elizabeth Olsen has already said that he would like to see the stories in the film, so it’s quite possible that Doctor Strange 2 bring some of the elements of Comics to the big screen, by tapping into the powers of expansion of Taiwan’s allies to his mental instability.

It is quite possible that the Scarlet Witch is the main villain in Dr. Strange 2. All of the evidence to support this is already implemented.

It is already confirmed that Doctor Strange 2 you will be connected to the WandaVision, series, Disney,+ which will be performed by the Scarlet Witch and the Vision, and who died in Avengers: Ultimatum.

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It is possible that the WandaVision show with the Scarlet Witch having a mental breakdown, triggered by his desire to start a family with a Vision, and that it would, therefore, in an alternate reality in which he exists, thus causing a large variance in the MCU.

This would mean that the Scarlet Witch did to his mental instability, which led her to seek the help of Doctor Strange, which would be required to stop it in some way by the events of the WandaVision the Doctor Strange 2.

Even without an official name in Brazil), and Doctor Strange 2 hits theaters on may 6, 2021.