The Jonas Brothers: Sophie Turner has revealed what are your favorite songs from the band’s


Sophie Turner it was already very well known prior to engaging in a relationship with Joe Jones, now her husband. After all, we are talking about none other than Sansa Stark, right? However, the take on life with one of the members of the The Jonas Brothersshe has gained a new wave of fans who want to know everything about it, including what you think about the direction of your loved one. Via Instagram, in the uk has revealed what are your favorite songs, and I was pleased with the response.

“Fly With Me”the albumLines, Vines and Trying Times“in 2009, and “Hesitate toof theHappiness Begins“that marked the return of the trio, are two of the songs most popular for the former actress from “Game of Thrones”. And so, they agree with it? In spite of the answer, it is worth noting that, recently, She found that it was not a big fan of the Jonas Brothers at the teen. In fact, Turner was a fan of a group called the Bustedthat had a lot of success in the United Kingdom. In an interview to the magazine Elle artist told that he was angry at the Jonas ‘ when they did a cover of one of the songs from Busted, and soon after, the british group has come to an end. At the head of it, and as well, Joe, Kevin and Nick they had to blame. Only a teenage thing, you know? It’s good that it passed.

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Sophie Turner is pregnant with Joe Jonas?

The story of Sophie Turner, I would be expecting a baby with Joe Jonas appeared at the beginning of February, but none of them have confirmed his story. However, for the fans, and as smart as ever, has gathered several photos of the couple that shows that the actress may be expecting her first child. So, is this the case?