The Maximum temperature 16/02/2020 – Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters – Tv


The Maximum Temperature for this Sunday, 16/02, on the Globo TV network that displays in the film Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (2013), which has a running time of the original total, 1h47.

Check out the synopsis: Percy Jackson and his friends Annabeth, and Grover lead a normal life at Camp Half-Blood, while Percy’s missing father, Poseidon, who has kept in touch. One day, when the place is attacked by a monster sent by Luke, who manages to break through the magical protection of the camp. The place is in danger, Percy and friends set off on an adventure in search of the velocino de ouro, a mystical object that can bring to the magic tree responsible for the protection of the camp. What they didn’t expect was that the two of them would be back to the same object, since you want to bring to life the mighty Cronos, defeated by Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades thousands of years ago in the back.

More information about the film from the Maximum Temperature

Original Title: Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters

Cast:, Jake Abel, Alexandra Daddario, Brandon T Jackson, Logan Lerman, Douglas Smith, Stanley Tucci

Director: Thor Freudenthal

Nationality: American

Genre: Adventure

Rating: Not recommended for children under 10 years old

Ticket window: 200,9 million dollars


The Maximum Temperature goes up to the air right after a new edition of the Voice Kids, starting with 14h20 (eastern time), on the GLobo TV network.

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