The movie with Natalie Portman and bitter, low approval on Rotten Tomatoes


The Logo of the film, Lucy in the Sky
The Logo of the film, Lucy in the Sky (Movie/YouTube FoxSearchlight)

The projections for success are not good enough for the new movie Natalie Portman. Directed by Noah Hawley, the long-Lucy in the Sky has amargado, a low-pass in an critical Rotten Tomatoes. After you have a 0% approval rating, and the movie went just a little bit, coming up to the time of the closing of this text, at the level of a 25% approval rating. With a premiere scheduled for the next business day, 04 October, and the work that is produced for Reese Witherspoon John Cameron, and he has recently passed through the Toronto film Festival, it is still not at all critical.

The mix of drama, sci-fi and fantasy, has been harshly criticized by different aspects. Among the 16 reviews it has received so far, analysts have pointed to a problem with the story, as told by the director, in addition to the comments that the story could have been told in a better way for a woman to be a director or a writer). It is worth noting, however, that the assessment is not final and may change as new reviews are added.

Check out the top reviews:

“The thing that’s most frustrating about the story, as told by Hawley, it’s not that she’s avoiding the truth is dirty, but that does not make you a”said David Ehrlich, of IndieWire.

“It’s not like Lucy-in-the-Sky-is-boring – on the contrary, in fact -but it seems like a story that had been told so much better by the director or, at the very least, a writer”said Hannah Woodhead, of Little White Lies.

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“Hawley, it will ruin a story is already great, and smooths out facts, the bizarre, and adding to a narrative that doesn’t really do justice to the story”wrote Dustin Chase, from the Galveston Daily News.

“Even though we don’t know who the hell Lucy is doing, ” Portman makes her a blast”she commented that David Edelstein, New York Magazine/Vulture.

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