The new drive is proof that Justin Bieber has escaped the fate of being the ‘Macaulay Culkin of the music | Culture


Justin Bieber in London on Wednesday, at the presentation of his new album.
Justin Bieber in London on Wednesday, at the presentation of his new album.

Justin Bieber already has a mustache. It is a mustache, pyramidal, half-way between the modern and the vintagethat is typical right now. It is not the classic one, not the English or the French, much less ground-breaking, but it’s a mustache long enough to be a sensation among the beliebers −a huge army of fans of the musical, and something perhaps more important: in order to reflect the significant changes that you are looking for the magic of the pop song, which she interrupted her career for three years because of being sick and tired of the show.

By the age of 25, Bieber wants to get into the adult world. Not only the mustache, but it’s also a return to music that speaks for itself. The new album, to be released this Friday, and it’s called Changes. Or, in other words, “change”, it is not only the aesthetic, but the back of the boy’s beardless, but also an artistic take on her new disc, the first disc in five years, and it’s a leap from Bieber’s under the direction of the first division of the pops.

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With your shiny new moustache, and his hair is dyed blond, Bieber showed Changes on Wednesday, in London, uk. In a meeting with the press in the eu, the security measures that have forced the participants to leave their cell phones at the entrance, while the beliebers they waited in the vicinity of the Tape to London, a night club for the upper class, which specializes in the rhythm-and-blues and it is decorated with a star of fame in the Hollywood. On the floor of the premises were able to be read by the name of Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Beyonce, and Drake, but that is not the one for Justin Bieber. It didn’t matter a bit when the musician, who, according to the newspaper The Observer it is more influential than Barack Obama and his holiness the Dalai Lama on the social network, showed up.

Bieber appeared on the clothing and the dragging of the feet on the floor, as the figures in the rap music which is inspired by the now that you’ve been a teenage idol, a golden boy, who, guided by a musician at the Time, made it to the top of the charts with their pop of sweet-smelling before they are of legal age. It’s the same goal we have now with the Changesonly you, in your own words, and the song that “really” loves you. A rhythm-and-blues as well, the environmental, and the anglo-saxon, with a touch of rap. In a way, Bieber’s still talking to his audience: that the children see it all the time on TV in her home in the city. And it is in the territory of the night, which moves in the Changeswith your spirit and dance.

To do this, as they had been in their previous job, and uneven Purposelaunched in 2015, before disappearing for three years, he’s been around for a very talent-rich scene in the united states. In Changesa number of farmers-among them, Josh Gudwin, that is known to work with the Dua Lipa, and the Poor Bear, He, with his faithful squire, who has started this transition in the singles how to Where Are Ü Now”, What Do You Mean? the remix the Despacito. In addition, if you before you became friends with Diplo and Skrillex, and now it adds in the contributions from big names such as Travis Scott, Lil, Licky, Kehlani, and Quavo, and the half of the Friend who accompanies him on Intentionsone of the songs that were released in advance of that in just one month has reached more than 160 million plays on YouTube.

“I feel very good right now,” said a grinning Bieber, who performed his songs at the top of the cabin, just as if it were a DJ. She danced, rubbed his hands, gave a brief, he raised both thumbs in a thumbs up when she crossed her eyes to the audience, and sang her own lyrics. The presentation seemed to be a karaoke own Bieber on yourself and more affordable than you when I began to evangelize about the importance of love, and of God in their lives. By the age of 25, Bieber’s, after his break up with Selena Gomez, who has come to mean, psychologically, is married to a model, Hailey Baldwin. In between one song and another, that the lord blessed all of you have a partner, talk about it the more it seemed to have come straight out of one of the themes that teens are fools.

Now Bieber, who is moving up in documentaries about their own lives, in their social networks, it seems safe to you, after you have gone away from the map for over three years. Over the affected by the condition of star teen: it has to get up in the middle of a presentation and interview, as they did in the studio, on the Spanish radio Los 40 and, in the fall of 2017 has cancelled the last of the 14 shows on their world tour. Have revealed even to his drug addiction since the age of 13. He was on his way to become the Macaulay Culkin of the music. A boy, a handsome face eaten away by the success, the point is to get off the ship or sink with it. But now, with the Changesgives you a quantum leap towards the top of R’n’b as an adult. The only thing you need to know if this is Justin Bieber will also be able to convince the world that it is so much more than a boy, a treat that you just let grow your mustache.