The new film in the Series, with Chris Hemsworth, Thor, is based on the comic book; here’s what to expect


Chris Hemsworth, the “Thor” of Marvel comics, will be in the new movie based on the comic book of the Series, titled the Redemption.

Based on the COMIC “the City” 2014, Rescue, tells the story of What a Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a soldier of fortune who was given the task of rescuing the son of an international crime.

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In addition to Chris Hemsworth, the cast counts, with David Harbour, who is the artist of the Jim and Jo’s in a Stranger’s Things. In addition to this, the player will be in the MCU, as the Guardian of the Red to the Black Widow.

The rescue is made by the Brothers Russo, the Avengers: Deadline, counting on the script by Joe Russo and Sam Hargrave. In the COMICS the original was written by Andy Parks and Fernando Leon Gonzalez.

In the article, the EMPHASIS talked about what we can expect from the Bailout, a new film in the Series.

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Redemption is an action movie with layers of drama, as well as interesting. That is different from the original, which is set in the American South, the film takes place in the country.

The other interesting change is in the gender of the character should be redeemed. In the COMIC, the main character, Chris Hemsworth will need to save a little girl, but in the film adaptation of the mission involves the rescue of a young boy.

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In the film of the Series, Tyler Rake, is the main protagonist of the story, dealing with the traumas of the past, while fighting to rescue a young boy. The mercenary had lost his only son, and the experience of being on the side of one of the young men again, which causes him to remember what he missed.

“The innocence and purity of this young boy reminds him that there are many more things to do on Earth before I die,” said the actor, Chris Hemsworth to the website USA Today.

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So, for the fans of Chris Hemsworth can look forward to a movie filled with action, but also to the sense and meaning of it.

Ransom, with Chris Hemsworth and arrives in your Sign on the 24th of April.