The new Thor, Natalie Portman responds to the criticism of Martin Scorsese’s the Marvel comics

The criticism of Martin Scorsese’s films from Marvel and continue to provoke reactions, and it is now the star of ” Thor: the Love and the clap of Thunder, Natalie Portman, and the are responding to.

The actress, Oscar-winner, who starred in “Thor” and ” Thor: The Dark World, stood up for the Marvel movies, and other adaptations of comic books in general, to the Hollywood Reporter, saying that there’s room for all kinds of cinema,” and that “there is no one way to make art.”

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Portman was a little too far with his comments, saying that he feels that the Marvel movies are popular because they offer people a way to have some fun after dealing with all the challenges and difficulties of life.

“I think that the Marvel movies are so popular is because they are really funny, and the people want entertainment when they have time after work, after you have to cope with the difficulties of real life,” said Portman.

I Love, and the Thunder’s debut on the 5th of November, 2021.

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